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As the mother of two teenage girls, they have always had quilts galore to cuddle, snuggle and keep warm in. They came in a variety of forms – Pooh Bear, fairies, pinks, purples, frangipanis and whatever was a current trend at the time!!!

When they were young, they always were just happy with what mum made – but this all changed.. ARRGH! Suddenly it became ‘daggy’, and the latest quilts were met with less than enthusiastic praises and enquiries were made on ‘how do I get a doona cover like my friends’. Of course, I was devastated at the time, although after many years, and with being introduced to AccuQuilt products, I was determined to get them interested in my unique creations… but how???

By having a close connection with my daughters, I already know what is important to them, and decided to tap into that.

Emma's Quilt
‘The Happiest Place on Earth is under my Quilt’ Quilt

Emma’s Quilt -17 years old

A few years ago we went on our first overseas holiday to USA, which, of course, included visiting Disneyland! At the time Emma, the sentimentalist,  was 15, and  although she absolutely loved it, it wasn’t until she came home and reflected on it that she realised what a special place it was.

It really is the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’, and she understood the value of the trip. A renowned passion for Disney  emerged, so one day when we were out shopping, and we spotted Mickey Mouse fabric and that was it.. “Mum, can I please have a quilt in this?”.. my heart soared. I had a chance now!

Through collaboration we decided together on everything, from the colour choices, pattern style, through to the backing and quilting pattern.  With the GO! Big  we both cut the fabric to sew – great bonding time!

The backing is red with white spot minky with a quilting pattern that looks like Mickey Mouse ears! Minky  makes it ‘oh so’ snuggly and warm! I was a hit!!

Georgia’s Quilt -15 years old

Well, when you make one – you have to make two!

My Georgia is my very creative, artistic young lady who very much uses the right side of her brain! After doing a segment on Pop Art, Andy Warhol and Banksy in art at school…
she become a great lover of  Pop Art merchandise, everything from Andy Warhol Converse shoes to Banksy t shirts.

Georgia at the Handi Quilter Avante Machine
“She Said What??” Quilt

You can imagine my surprise, when one day I was waiting to get served at a local quilting store, when I looked over and found pop art fabric!!!OMG!! I just had to have that for her!!! (yes Scott Eastwood fabric!).

She loved it so much, and was so engaged in the process, she even sewed it herself!! (Yes! I might have another quilter in the family yet!!). Her only request.. I do not want pink on the back! That’s ok – I can cope with that, and green minky it was! As this was more a panel style quilt, it had to be custom quilted – on my new HandiQuilter longarm.

To start with Georgia was just a bit too nervous for this… What if I do something wrong?? Well, we just unpick!  Eventually she got the courage to have ago and completed some of the quilting herself!  Within 5 minutes of this photo being taken, the quilt was off the frame, the quilt was squared up, excess was cut off and it was packed in the bag for a sleep over- no binding!!!
She was so excited, she wouldn’t leave it for me to bind and she wanted to show all her friends! It was met with a mixture of ‘How cool’ and ‘Can you make me one?’. I think three of them slept under it that night!

This has spurned on Georgia to make another quilt – featuring the Avengers. Still under construction, the Avenger movies have always been a favourite of hers, and regularly, we will have ‘date nights’ to watch them.

Boyfriend  #1 Quilts- 15 years old

Well, everyone knows ,where there are girls – there are always boyfriends!

At the time of Boyfriend #1’s birthday, it was the time of the arrival of the GO! Big …. And of course I just had to try the new Flying Geese die! His favourite colours were blue and  green, and he was very structured and purposed in his mannerisms.
So ‘wollah’ I made the Take Flight Bed Quilt.

Pictured below, it was not quilted at this time… and unfortunately, I have no photo of it finished! Yes silly me!!!

‘Wreck-it’s Wrap’ Quilt.
‘Wreck-it’s Wrap’ Quilt.

Boyfriend #2 Quilt – 16 years old

Yet, again, where you make one – you have to make two!

Boyfriend #2 was an avid fisherman and free diver, to the point I think he actually had gills! He had an affinity with everything  in the ocean , and so this was the inspiration for his quilt!

Using the Rob Peter to Pay Paul die, I followed the Baby Bubbles pattern from Quilted Curves & Strips Book. I loved the idea these looked like bubbles and were synonymous with water. The fabric choice of ‘fish fabric’ completed the look I was after.

‘Underwater Wonderland’ Quilt
‘Underwater Wonderland’ Quilt

Nephew Jack’s Quilt – 16 years old

Last but not least is my nephew Jack!

More like a son to me than a nephew, everyone had a quilt except him, and he was feeling it. When I mentioned that he was the only one without one, and would he like one – he jumped at the chance. I asked him to decide on a theme that he would like, and within 20 minutes he had everything picked out!

Very much an Australian boy, he loves the outdoors, fishing, camping, working on farms, motor bikes, Russell Coight and everything in between! So his theme was based around this panel and camo fabrics. The back is Real Tree™ camo minky (Real Tree™ is a brand of camouflage fabric – so I found out!) He has now made his mother redecorate his whole bedroom, with his quilt the centre piece.

‘Huntin’, Fishin’, Lovin’ Everyday’ Quilt
‘Huntin’, Fishin’, Lovin’ Everyday’ Quilt

You can see each of these quilt are quite individual and unique – much like all the young adults they were made for each has their own passions and interests which I tried to integrate into their quilts.

Moral to the story – when quilting for anyone, always tap into their personalities and passions. It is okay to make something we like, but if the receiver doesn’t understand the ‘value’ of it, it won’t be appreciated. It may not be something that we would typically make, but I have found that for the amount of time, energy, and money that goes into making quilts, I want them to be used with love and pride.

Happy Quilting.

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