Welcome Home Wall Hanging

Leanne Greenhalgh from Patchwork on Pallas in Maryborough, Qld, created this beautiful Welcome Home Wall Hanging for her daughter.
After renting for 10 years, she had just purchased her a special Welcome Home sign using of dies. Leanne’s motto is ‘When looking at a die, don’t just look at the picture – look at the possibilities.’


  1. Fabric 1 (Green) 0.2 metre
  2. Fabric 2 (White) 0.45metre
  3. Fabric 3 (Rick Rack trim) 0.15metre
  4. Variety of scraps for applique
  5. AccuQuilt GO! Big or GO Cutter
  6. AQ55086 GO! Strip Cutter – 6 ½”
  7. AQ55092 GO! Carefree Alphabet Set 2-Die set
  8. AQ55056 GO! Rick Rack 2” & 4”
  9. AQ55344 GO! Schoolhouse
  10. AQ55364 GO! Bohemia #2 by Ricky Tims
  11. AQ55030 GO! Critters
  12. AQ55324 GO! Birds
  13. AQ55326 GO! Crazy Petals
  14. AQ55325 GO! Queen of Hearts
  15. AQ55045 GO! Rose of Sharon #1 by Sharon Pederson
  16. AQ55007 GO! Round Flower
  17. An assortment of Cutting Mats to match
  18. Fusible web for applique 0.5 metre

Cutting Instructions

  1. Cut background (white) 17 ½” x 35 ½”.Welcome Home Wall Hanging Close-up 1
  2. Using AQ55086, cut 1 x 6 ½” strip (left side green) and trim to 6 ½” x 35 ½”
  3. Iron fusible web to wrong side of fabric 3 (rick rack) . Fold fabric in half width wise and cut with AQ55056 GO! Rick Rack die.  (Make sure that the fold is going to give you a complete curve when opened up).  Alternatively, you can cut singularly and strategically cover joins with applique or the large rick rack piece.
  4. Apply fusible webbing to the back of all the scrap/applique fabrics.  Using the alphabet die cut out the word “WELCOME”. Be sure to place the fabric the correct way as the fusible webbing reverses the letters.
  5. Using AQ55344 GO! Schoolhouse, cut out your house centre piece
  6. Using the dies you have, cut out a variety of flowers, leaves, birds and critters. Note: how we’ve used the curved piece from Bohemia #2 to create a novel branch and AQ55325 Queen of Hearts to create flowers.  Look at the shapes on dies you own to see how creative you can be in making flowers, leaves and branches!

Sewing InstructionsWelcome Home Wall Hanging Close-up

  1. Join side panel (green) and white background using a ¼’ seam. Press seam toward green.
  2. Place narrow rick rack lengthwise down the seam (covering seam).
  3. Centre the WELCOME lengthwise down the side panel.
  4. Place larger rick rack across the background just under the WELCOME.
  5. Centre the house on white background
  6. Strategically place flowers, leaves, butterflies, birds, bugs – whatever you can find – around wall hanging to fill it in.
  7. I’ve used a small blanket stitch (I like to use width 2.5 and length 2) to attach all of the appliques, but why not experiment with other decorative stitches.
  8. For quilting, I’ve used the shapes of the appliques, print on the fabric and lots of pebbles for inspiration.

Congratulations on finishing your Welcome Home Wall Hanging!

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