Summer Loving Beach Bags!

With summer fast approaching, why not make these fantastic beach totes. Whether it is for you or a quick easy gift for a friend, these Summer Loving Beach Bags will make you the coolest kid on the beach.

These dies have FREE embroidery designs available for download. They can be made with either an embroidery machine or by appliqueing designs to the fabric. I have supplied instructions for both.


  1. AccuQuilt GO! Big, GO!, GO! Baby or GO! Me Fabric Cutter
  2. AQ55190 GO! Sea Life Medley
  3. AQ55112 GO! Cutting Mat 6” x 12”
  4. Premade canvas bags or your favourite bag pattern. If using your favourite bag pattern, please follow all instructions from the pattern.
  5. An assortment of fabric with fusible web attached large enough to cover the shapes required.
  6. Tearaway stabiliser.
  7. Sewing machine.
  8. Embroidery threads to match the above fabrics.
  9. General sewing equipment

I have made a few different styles bags so please feel free to make the version to suit you!

Cutting Instructions:

  1. From the assorted fabric cut as many shapes as desired

Sewing Instructions:

  1. If you have a premade canvas bag, you made need to unpick the side seams to allow room for sewing.
  2. If you are using your favourite bag pattern, cut out pieces as instructed in the pattern.


  1. Download the FREE embroidery designs for GO! Sea Life Medley die and transfer designs to your machine.
  2. Use your preferred hooping method to hoop the fabric with tearaway stabiliser on the back of fabric.
  3. Set your machine to embroidery and select desired design.
  4. When embroidering, the embroidery file will first stitch a placement line. Remove the fusible web backing and fuse the shape in place accurately. Continue following instructions of machine embroidery.
  5. Repeat the process for as many appliques as you like.
  6. Remove tearaway from back of embroidery and resew seams of bag.


  1. Remove fusible web backing and arrange the shapes as desired. Fuse in place.
  2. Place the tearaway on the wrong side of the fabric.
  3. With a small zig zag, satin, blanket or motif stitch, sew around each shape.
  4. Remove all tearaway and resew seams of bag.

Tip – Personalise the bag even more by adding decorative stitches around the top edge of the bag.

Summer Loving beach bags on towel

Congratulations on finishing your Summer Loving Beach Bag!

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