You can easily create all the little animals in the kingdom just by using the GO! Owl (AQ55333) die.

Your baby will  be able to enjoy all of the animals  from the comforts of their crib and will experience much joy when wrapped up in the GO! Talk To The Animals Baby Quilt.


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Dies used to complete this quilt pattern:

  • GO! Owl (AQ55333)
  • GO! Square-2″ (1-1/2″ Finished) (AQ55022)
  • GO! Square-2-1/2″ (2″ Finished) (AQ55059 or AQ55018)
  • GO! Square-3-1/2″ (3″ Finished) (AQ55006)
  • GO! Square-6-1/2″ (6″ Finished) (AQ55000)
  • GO! Strip Cutter-2″ (1-1/2″ Finished) (AQ55025 or AQ55164)
  • GO! Strip Cutter-2-1/2″ (2″ Finished) (AQ55014 or AQ55017)
  • GO! Strip Cutter-3-1/2″ (3″ Finished) (AQ55032)


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