Equilateral Triangles are all the rage! With this Studio Bullseye™ set you have everything you need to cut four different size equilateral triangles.

These triangles feature dog-eared corners and sewing notches on two sides for easy piecing. Team these up with the Bullseye Hexagons (AQ50362) and Equilateral Triangles-Even Set (AQ50368) for more variety!



Die Specifications:
  • Compatible Fabric Cutter: Studio Fabric Cutter (AQ50800) and Bullseye Hexagons-1″-7″ Finished Sides for Studio (AQ50362)
  • Compatible with: Bullseye Hexagons-1″-7″ Finished Sides for Studio (AQ50362)
  • Recommended Studio Cutting Plastics: Jumbo (10″ x 12″) (AQ60002) and Mini, Small, Large (5″ x 6″) (AQ60000)
  • Triangle sizes included in set: 1″, 3″, 5″, 7″ (Triangles measured by finished sides)
How to Cut Equilateral Triangles:
  1. Select triangle size.
  2. Take the blade board that corresponds with the triangle size you wish to cut.
  3. Place the blade board in your Studio die tray, FOAM SIDE UP. For most accurate cuts, arrange the triangle dies in the corner of the cutting tray, at a slight angle with the die touching two sides of the tray and the notches facing the roller.
  4. Take the inner foam boards and fill in the center of the blade board.
  5. Take the foam board that is one size larger than your blade board and place it as the outer ring.
  6. Apply fusible web if desired. Layer or fanfold your fabric. You can cut up to 10 layers of 100% cotton fabric at a time.
  7. TIPS: Fusible web counts as one half layer of fabric. Remember to position the fabric on the lengthwise grain, with the selvage edge towards the Studio handle, as it goes under the roller.
  8. Place your Studio Cutting Plastic on top.
  9. Roll through the Studio Fabric Cutter.
Die Tips:
  • For most accurate cuts, arrange the dies in the corner of the cutting tray.
  • With some fabrics, after cutting, a thread or two will remain where die blades meet. Snip threads with scissors.
  • For best results, cut with die blades running under roller at an angle. Do not cut with blades parallel to roller.
  • Blades on some dies are positioned at an angle. Align fabric to edge of shape, not edge of die board.
  • For fast applique, apply fusible web to fabrics, then cut shapes with dies.
  • Use good quality fabric to reduce fabric stretch.
  • It’s always a good idea to test cut one shape before cutting many shapes to ensure fabric orientation is correct.

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