Shine Bright Wall Art

Shine Bright Wall Art by Mandy Murray

What better way to welcome in 2016 than creating this Shine Bright Wall Art. This piece is sure to keep you motivated and you’ll be well on the way to achieving your New Year resolution! Be sure to inspire, set goals and SHINE BRIGHT this year!
Enjoy, Mandy.


GO! Dies-used

  1. AccuQuilt GO! Cutter or GO! Big
  2. AQ55092 GO! Carefree Alphabet Set (2-Die Set)
  3. AQ55368 GO! Bohemia #1 by Ricky Tims
  4. AQ55115 GO! Cutting Mat- 6 x 6
  5. 60 cm x 60 cm Canvas
  6. 80 cm spot cotton fabric
  7. 55 cm white cotton fabric
  8. 55 cm light weight iron-on stabiliser
  9. 50 cm fusible web
  10. A3 sheet of glitter puffy foam
  11. 1 x felt square of each of the following colours: forest green, olive, lime, dark green, orange, light orange, purple, lavender, fuchsia, mint and turquoise.
  12. Co-ordinating embroidery threads to match the felt and glitter puffy foam.
  13. Narrow double sided tape
  14. 505 basting spray

Shine Bright Wall Art Pattern Piece

Cutting Preparation:

  1. Begin by ironing fusible web onto one side of all the felt squares.
  2. Cut the spot fabric into an 80 cm square.
  3. Cut the white fabric & stabiliser into a 55 cm square. Iron the stabiliser onto the back of the white fabric. Fold it into quarters & pin the circle template into place, ensuring that the 90 degree angle on the pattern piece matches up with the folded sides of the square. Cut the shape and unfold.
  4. Cut the A3 glitter puffy foam into 10cm strips.

Cutting Instructions:








AQ55092 AQ55092 - Letter S × 1
AQ55092 AQ55092 - Letter H × 2
AQ55092 AQ55092 - Letter I × 2
AQ55092 AQ55092 - Letter N × 1
AQ55092 AQ55092 - Letter E × 1
AQ55092 AQ55092 - Letter B × 1
AQ55092 AQ55092 - Letter R × 1
AQ55092 AQ55092 - Letter G × 1
AQ55092 AQ55092 - Letter T × 1

Colour Apple Green

AQ55368 × 2

Colour Grass Green

AQ55368 × 2


Deep Green

AQ55368 × 2


Green - Brown

AQ55368 × 2



AQ55368 × 5



 AQ55368 × 5


 AQ55368 Cut a variety of petals: total of 8


 AQ55368 Cut a variety of petals: total of 8


AQ55368 Cut a variety of petals: total of 8


 AQ55368 Cut a variety of petals: total of 8

Light Orange

 AQ55368 Cut a variety of petals: total of 5

4 colours

AQ55368 × 1

Shine Bright Lettering


  1. Using the narrow double sided tape, stick it onto the back of the puffy foam letters. Remove the paper backing from the back and line up the letters onto a ruler to ensure even spacing.

Note: one word at a time!

  1. Position “SHINE” onto the white circle, approximately 1cm above the centre and “BRIGHT”
    1cm below the
  2. Using a narrow, open zigzag, stitch around the edge of each letter.Stitching
  3. Spray the back of the white circle with 505 basting spray and position onto the centre of the spot fabric.
  4. Remove the paper backing from the felt shapes and position them as per the diagram below. Iron.
  5. Using co-ordinating threads, free-motion around each shape.
  6. Leave the centre circle plain or practice your free-motion quilting by blending swirls,
    pebbles, feathers and straight lines. It adds fantastic texture!
  7. Attach to the canvas with a staple gun and it is ready to hang!

removal of Paper Backing


Congratulations on finishing your Shine Bright Wall Art!

Downloadable Pattern

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