Introducing our new AccuQuilt Associate

We are so very excited to announce our first AccuQuilt Associate – Alyce Blyth!

When her husband first bought her a $100 sewing machine five years ago, he really had no idea what it would lead to. But then again, neither did Alyce. Five years, an international move to and from Japan, yards of fabric, hours of computer time logged, and thousands of seams, Alyce isn’t looking back.

She has built a successful blog focused on teaching and community at Blossom Heart Quilts, written a book, DIY Block Design, started teaching quilting classes at local quilt stores, and most importantly, made quilts for her kids and their cousins.

Because not only are they packed with love and sentiment, but those quilts are the best size to make! In summary? Her passion is quilt design and teaching, and coffee. That’s about all you need to remember.

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