Introducing Jackie Gillies!

Introducing our newest AccuQuilt Associate and blogger Jackie Gillies!

Anyone who knew Jackie Gillies growing up would laugh at the idea of her doing anything domesticated, like sewing or ironing or cooking!

A former lawyer, Jackie changed careers before having her first child and, in a story that is as old as time, was pregnant with her second child in 2013 when she stumbled across a blog post about how to make a patchwork quilt. She finished the last stitch on that quilt using a borrowed sewing machine half an hour before she went into labour… and the love affair with fabric and quilting was born (along with a super cute baby boy!). Her husband was a surprised as anyone when she asked for sewing machine for her birthday!

Since then, Jackie has started a charity – making quilts for women and children fleeing domestic violence – called KeepSafe Quilts. She was one of three quilty women to launch Modern Makers Retreat, a tribe of modern makers focussed on supporting Aussie makers and businesses. She has also become quite addicted to making rainbow quilts! If anyone were to ask, Jackie would deny that she hoards fabric. She prefers to think of herself as the curator or a fine textile collection…

We look forward to bringing you Jackie’s blog posts. Stay tuned.

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One response to “Introducing Jackie Gillies!

  1. Pam Landolt says:

    What an awesome chairty for you to have started Jackie. Who needs comfort as only a quilt can provide when you are frighteded and looking for a safe place. I applaud you. I am in the United States and would like to start a chapter like yours here. Would you tell me where you began? Thank you so much. Pam Landolt [email protected]

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