Sophie’s Boho Chic Quilt
Make your very own Boho Chic Quilt in this technique laden pattern. Quick and easy to sew, it will become one of your personal favourites!


  1. AccuQuilt GO! Big or GO! Fabric Cutter
  2. AQ55160 GO! Rectangle – 4 ½” x 8 ½” (4”x 8” Finished)
  3. AQ55024 GO! Strip Cuter – 1 ½” (1” Finished)
  4. AQ55025 GO! Strip Cutter- 2” (1 ½” Finished)
  5. GO! Cutting mats
    • AQ55111 10” x 10”
    • AQ55113 10” x 24”
  6. 22 x Fat Eights (Large print fabrics work best with this design)
  7. 1.4m of denim fabric
  8. 2m x 1.5 m of backing fabric
  9. 2m x 1.5m of wadding
  10. 50cm of binding fabric
  11. Sewing machine and assorted accessories

Cutting Instructions

    1. Using the 22 fat eights and AQ55160 GO! Rectangle, cut 4 rectangles from each fabric.
    2. From denim, cut
      • Using AQ55024 GO! Strip 1 ½” cut 20 strips
      • Using AQ55025 GO! Strip 2” cut 11 strips. Sub cut these into 2” by 4 ½”.
Technique Tip:Remember to start by cutting fewer layers of denim fabric and building up the layers. Depending on the thickness of your fabric, you may only be able to 4 layers at any one time.Technique Tip:As I didn’t have a 4 ½” strip die handy, I used the AQ55160 GO! Rectangle die to sub cut. Simply lay the strip parallel to the 4 ½” edge of the die as shown below and sub cut.Strip cutting 1

Sewing Instructions

All seams are ¼” unless otherwise stated. Use picture at end of pattern as a reference when sewing.
      1. Using your rectangle pieces, sew the denim rectangle, 2’ x 4 ½”, to the bottom of each piece, refer to figure 1. Press towards large rectangle. (You will need to remove 5 of these at a later date and place on the top of fabric, but we will get to that).
Figure 1
      1. Lay fabric on a floor or design board so they are 11 pieces horizontal and 8 pieces vertical. Arrange colours and fabric to when you are happy with the placement.
      2. Using your first strip, sew the rectangles together vertically. Press towards rectangles.
Technique Tip:We will be sewing in columns rather than rows on this quilt!
      1. Repeat step 3 for column 2. Prior to pressing, remove (unpick) the last denim strip from the bottom of the column. Resew to the top of the column. Do this for subsequent even columns.
      2. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all columns are sewn together.
      3. Using 2 x 1 ½” strips of denim, sew together at short ends. Press seams open. Repeat for all remaining strips.
      4. Using your first column, sew strip to right hand edge, matching centres. Sew from top to bottom.
      5. Attach second column to right hand side of strip and sew from bottom to top, as shown in figure 2.
Figure 2Technique Tip:It is important to long sew seams in different directions as shown in Figure 2, in order to stretching, or ‘banana bending’.

Quilting and Finishing

      1. Layer wadding between quilt top and backing.
      2. Pin or baste layers together.
      3. Machine quilt with an all- over design.
      4. Add binding, mitring corners.
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