Right way up

Need a quilt in a hurry? Want to use some of your scrap fabrics up? Then the Right Way Up Quilt is for you.

This fresh, modern quilt is simplistic by nature with its large, bold pieces and is easily completed in a weekend! You will have all your friends in awe.


  1. AccuQuilt GO! Big or GO! Fabric Cutter
  2. AQ55001 GO! Half Square – 6” Finished Triangle
  3. AQ55017 GO! Strip Cutter – 2 ½” (2” Finished)
  4. AQ55086 GO! Strip Cutter – 6 1/2” (6” Finished)
  5. AQ55111 GO! Cutting Mat – 10” x 10”
  6. AQ55113 GO! Cutting Mat – 10” x 24”
  7. (20) 20cm (8”) x 40cm (16”) of printed cotton fabric
  8. 3.3m (3.6yds) of background fabric
  9. 2m (2.2yds) x 1.6m (1.75yds) of backing fabric
  10. 2m (2.2yds) x 1.6m (1.75yds) of wadding
  11. Sewing Machine
  12. Matching Sewing Thread
  13. General Sewing Tools

Cutting Instructions

  1. From each printed cotton fabric:
      Cut (4) x AQ55001 Half Square Triangles (HST)
  2. From Background fabric:
    • Cut (8) 7 1/2″ x width of fabric (WOF)
      • Cut 80 x AQ55001 HST
    • Cut (1) 22″ x WOF
      • Fanfold fabric and cut (3) x AQ55017 2 1/2″ strips. Using a rotary cutter, cross cut at 12 1/2″ so you have (8) 6 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ rectangles.
    • Cut (2) 24″ x WOF & (1) 16″ WOF
      • Fanfold fabric and cut (16) x AQ55017 2 1/2″ Strip. 8 strips will be used for sashing. Place 8 strips to the side for the binding.

Sewing Instructions

  1. Using (1) printed cotton HST and (1) background fabric HST, sew right sides together to make a square Press seam towards dark side.
Right Way Up Sewing Instructions 1
  1. Repeat for all (80) printed cotton HST to make a total of (80) squares.
  2. Taking two squares, sew together along the printed cotton edge as illustrated. Press to one side
    Note: Sort through the colours and find colours that ‘blend’ together so there is no clashing or double up of colours.
Right Way Up Sewing Instruction 4
  1. Sort the rectangles into 4 lots of 10. This will become each of the 4 columns.
  2. On a design wall or floor, arrange the first column with all points facing up. Find 2 x positions where you would like to add you 6 ½” x 12 ½” background rectangles.
Right Way Up Sewing Instructions 6
  1. Repeat for the second column, and again insert the background rectangles where you prefer.
  2. For columns 3 & 4, repeat above, although turn the points 180° so they are facing down.
  3. Sew the columns together, matching centre seam and press.
  4. Using (8) 2 ½” strips, sew together at the short end for the sashing. Press
  5. Using column 1, sew sashing to the right-hand side of the column, right sides together, matching the sashing seam to middle seam of the column.
  6. Sew column 2 onto the other side of the sashing.
    Note: To stop stretching and ‘banana bending’ when sewing sashing, sew in opposite directions.
  7. Repeat for remaining columns until all attached.
  8. Press the seams into the sashing.


  1. Layer wadding between quilt top and backing
  2. Pin or baste layers together
  3. Quilt as desired.
  4. Add binding, mitring corners.

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  1. Edith Blanck says:

    Great work Debbie love this weekend project

  2. Jannette says:

    This will be good for my scraps
    Great Debbie

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