Pokemon Chalk Board

What a wonderful way to personalise your house by making a personalised chalk board. Quick and easy, it will be finished in under 90 mins!!


    1. AccuQuilt GO! Big, GO! or GO! Baby Fabric Cutter
    2. One of the following dies:
      • AQ55018 GO! Value die
      • AQ55060 GO! Square 4½” Multiplies
AQ55776 GO! Qube 8” Shape 1
  • One of the following strip dies:
    • AQ55052 GO! Strip Cuter – 1”
    • AQ55164 GO! Strip Cutter – 1”, 1½”, 2”
  • One of the following strip dies:
    • AQ55017 GO! Strip Cutter – 2½” (3 strips)
    • AQ55014 GO! Strip Cutter – 2½” (2 strips)
  • GO! Cutting mats to suit your dies above.
  • 55cm x 45cm Chalk board fabric.
  • 25cm of Pokémon fabric.
  • 10cm squares of 11 assorted contrasting fabric.
  • 20cm of yellow fabric for contrast ‘peeper’.
  • 30cm of black fabric for binding.
  • 70cm x 80cm of wadding.
  • 70cm x 80cm of backing fabric.
  • Rotary mat, cutter and ruler.
  • General sewing notions.

Cutting Instructions

  1. Trim Chalk board fabric to 20½” x 16½”. (a) If using AQ55018 or AQ55776, Shape 1, crosscut Pokémon fabric to 5” across width of fabric (WOF). Fanfold to cut 12 x 4½” squares. (b) If using AQ55060 , fanfold fabric to cut 12 x 4½” squares.
  2. Using the die from above, cut assorted fabrics into 11 x 4½” squares.
  3. Using the yellow contrast fabric, cut 6 strips 1” wide.
  4. Using black fabric, cut 4 x 2½” strips for binding.

Sewing Instructions

Diagram 1
  1. All seam allowances are ¼”
  2. Using 6 x yellow 1” strips, fold in half lengthwise and press. Set 4 aside for later use.
  3. Matching raw edges, sew strips around outside edge of chalk board fabric, (right side). Trim strip at the end of the chalk board fabric, to create a peeper.
  4. Arrange Pokémon and contrasting fabric squares around the chalkboard fabric until layout is as desired. Sew squares together to form two rows of 4. Press seams. Attach to the short sides of the chalk cloth. Carefully press fabric seam away from centre.
NOTE – be careful when ironing. Too hot an iron will mark the chalk board fabric. Diagram 2
  1. Sew the remaining squares into 2 rows of 7 squares. Press seams. Attach to the top and bottom of chalk board fabric, matching side seams of unit. Carefully press seam away from centre.
  2. Lay backing on a flat surface, right side down. Spray with spray baste and place wadding on top, pressing slightly.
  3. Spray wadding with spray baste and centre top on the wadding, pressing slightly.
  4. If you like, you can also attach a few safety pins to hold the ‘sandwich’ together, although DO NOT pin through chalk board fabric – it will leave holes.
  5. Stitch in the ditch, through all layers, around chalk board fabric and with outside border. More quilting can be added if desired.
  6. Trim quilt to 24½” x 28½”.
  7. Matching raw edges together, attach the remaining 4 yellow strips, attach to outside edge of quilt top.
Diagram 3
  1. Sew black fabric at short ends to make a continuous strip. Fold in half and iron to make binding.
  2. Attach binding, mitring corners.
  3. Attach a hanging sleeve to back of quilt for display.

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