Ice-Cream Party Mini Quilt

All you need is ICE-CREAM! Create this super cute Ice-Cream Party Mini Quilt using wool felt and fun prints. Perfect eye-candy for your sewing room or kid’s bedroom!


  1. AccuQuilt GO! Big, GO! or GO! Baby Fabric Cutter
  2. AQ55097 GO! Cupcake
  3. AQ55027 GO! Triangles in a Square 3” Finished
  4. AQ55045 GO! Rose of Sharon by Sharon Pederson
    • 1” circle
  5. AQ55115 GO! Cutting Mat- 6 x 6
  6. 9” x 12” spot background fabric
  7. (1) fat quarter – light brown
  8. (3) wool felt squares – light brown, light blue and hot pink
  9. Scrap piece of pink spot fabric (cherry)
  10. Binding fabric
  11. 10” x 13” wadding
  12. 12” x 15” backing fabric
  13. Fusible web
  14. DMC embroidery floss: black, yellow, orange and dark brown

Cutting Preparation

  1. Begin by ironing a 3” x 5” piece of fusible web onto one side of each felt square. Iron a 1 ½” square of fusible web onto the scrap piece of pink spot fabric (cherry).

Cutting Instruction

cutting instructions diagram


  1. Lay the 4 triangles as per diagram 1. Ensure the 3” base of the triangles run horizontal.
  2. Sew a triangle to each side of the centre triangle (top row of diagram 1) with a ¼” seam allowance and press the seams open.
  3. Matching the 3” bases, sew the bottom triangle to the top row unit as per diagram 2 and press seam open.
  4. Trace around the triangle unit onto fusible web. Cut out and iron to the wrong side of the triangle unit.
  5. Find the top centre of the triangle and measure 2” either side. Mark with a fabric pen. Trim the triangle as per diagram 3.
  1. old the background fabric in half to find centre markings and press with an iron. Open and lay flat on an iron board. Remove the paper backing from each applique piece and layer onto the background fabric as per diagram 4. Starting with the cone, followed by the pink ice-cream (overlap the cone approximately ¼”), then the brown and followed by the blue. Fuse into position.
diagram 4
  1. Stitch around the applique pieces using your desired technique. I outlined the piecing detail of the cone and then satin stitched around the outer edge. I used blanket stitch to applique around the ice-cream and cherry.
  1. Using DMC embroidery floss, add sprinkles with random long stitches on the blue ice-cream and French knot chocolate chips on the brown ice-cream. Long-stitch the cherry stem.
Step 8 pictures
  1. Layer the following to create a quilt sandwich: backing fabric (right side down), wadding, and quilt top (right side up). Quilt as desired, trim and bind.

Congratulations on finishing your Ice-Cream Party Mini Quilt!


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