Sew Much Love Pouch

The Sew Much Love Pouch is a perfect gift for your loved ones special items. Make this special gift for them to let them know you have Sew Much Love to give.


  1. AccuQuilt GO! Baby, GO! or GO! Big Fabric Cutter
  2. AQ55029 GO! Heart – 2”, 3”, 4”
  3. AQ55418 GO! Angel
  4. 35cm (14in) x 55cm (22in) of main fabric.
  5. 35cm (14in) x 55cm (22in) of cotton lining fabric.
  6. 35cm (14in) x 55cm (22in) of fusible wadding
  7. 15cm (6in) square of pink print for love heart with fusible web applied to wrong side
  8. 15cm (6in) square of white fabric for angel wings with fusible web applied to wrong side.
  9. 30cm (12in) zipper
  10. 35cm (14in) x 25cm (10in) tearaway.
  11. Embroidery threads in dark pink, mid pink and white.
  12. Washable marking pen.
  13. General sewing tools

Cutting Instructions

  1. Using AQ55029 GO! Heart die, cut 1 x 4” heart with the pink fabric. Remove paper backing from heart.
  2. Using AQ55418 GO! Angel die, cut the wings with the white fabric. Remove paper backing from each wing.
  3. Using the diagram on last page, cut the main fabric to the dimensions indicated
  4. Repeat for lining and fusible wadding

Sewing Instructions

  1. Using the diagram on last page as a guide, place the heart and angel wings onto the right side of the main fabric. Iron in place.
  2. Place tearaway behind the front of the bag. Applique around the wings and heart.
HINT: Extend the stitching up the wings as per drawing to give a more 3D look.
  1. Measure from the top of each wing 6 1/2cm (2 ½”) and mark. Use a washable marking pen to draw a line as indicated in illustration.
  2. Using this line as a guide, select a decorative stitch on machine and sew on this line. Add more decorative stitches to each side of this first line.
  3. Remove tearaway and iron fusible wadding onto the wrong side of the fabric.
  4. You may choose to quilt the top at this point. I quilted around the wings and heart.
  5. Make a zipper sandwich by laying the lining fabric right side up. Place the zipper along the top edge, right side up and then main fabric wrong side up. Align edges and sew with zipper foot. See figure 1. Fold fabric away from zipper and finger press. Topstitch to hold down. See Figure2.
Sew Much Love Pouch Figures 1 & 2
  1. Repeat the zipper sandwich by folding the lining right sides together, laying the zipper in, and placing the main fabric on top. See Figure 3. Sew zipper in place. Open zipper, fold fabric back and topstitch in place.
Sew Much Love Figure 3
    1. Open up bag so right sides of same fabric are together, see Figure 4. Using a 1cm (1/2”) seam along one side of the bag, leaving bottom corner section open.
HINT: Fold the zipper in half towards the lining fabric side as illustrated in Figure 5.
  1. Repeat for second side, although leave 10cm (4”) gap in the lining section. See Figure 6.
Sew Much Love Figure 6
  1. Pinch the bottom corners and sew across the bottom as illustrated in Figures 7 & 8.
  1. Turn right side out, push lining into bag. Slip stitch lining opening closed.
Sew Much Love Assembly Diagram

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