Geometric Pencil Case

Go back to school in style with this fun Geometric Pencil Case!


  • AccuQuilt GO! Big, GO! Cutter or GO! Baby
  • AQ55027 GO! Triangles in Square – 3” Finished
  • AQ55005 GO! Rectangle – 3 ½”W x 6 ½”H
  • AQ55158 GO! Rectangle – 2” x 3 ½” (1 ½” x 3” Finished)
  • Q55110 GO! Cutting mat – 5” X 10”
  • (3) solid fat quarters (pencil colours)
  • (1) wood printed fat quarter
  • (1) solid dark cream fat quarter
  • 30cm | 12” script printed fabric
  • 30cm | 12” lining fabric
  • 30cm | 12” Pellon
  • 30cm | 12” fusible interfacing
  • (1) 35cm or larger, contrasting zipper
  • Tassel or decorative zipper pull

Cutting Instructions:

    • (3) solid fat quarters (pencil colours) cut one each of the following shapes:
      • AQ55027 centre triangle
      • AQ55005 rectangle
    • Wood printed and dark cream fat quarter cut (3):
      • AQ55158 rectangle
    • Script background fabric
      • (3) pairs of AQ55027 side triangles

Sewing Instructions

      1. To construct the triangle in a square unit, place a centre triangle piece (right side facing up) and align a side triangle piece (right side facing down) so that the notched points align as per diagram 1.
      2. Pin and sew with a ¼” seam allowance. Press with an iron (seam towards side triangle).
      3. Pin second side triangle, aligning notched points of side triangle with notches points of centre triangle as per diagram 2.
      4. Press with an iron (seam towards the side triangle).
      5. Repeat for the other (2) colours to create a total of three triangle in a square units.
      6. Construct the pencil unit by sewing each piece in the following order with a ¼” seam allowance, refer to diagram 4. Repeat to create three pencil units.
      7. Sew each pencil unit together, as per diagram 5 to create the front panel of the pencil case.
      8. Measure your front panel and use this measurement to cut the rectangle for the back of your pencil case (script fabric). Repeat to cut (2) rectangles from the lining fabric, Pellon and fusible interfacing.
      9. Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the pencil panel and the script fabric rectangle. Then fuse the Pellon over the top of the interfacing.
      10. Pin the zipper, facing down, to the right side of the pencil panel, matching the top edge. Pin one of the lining rectangles, right side facing the other side of the zipper. The zipper will be sandwiched in between. Refer to diagram 6.
      11. With a zipper foot, sew a ¼” seam allowance along the matched edge.
      12. Press both rectangles away from the zipper and top stitch along the edge to hold in position, as per diagram 7.
      13. Repeat steps 9 – 11 for the other side.
      14. Ensure the zipper is opened! Match the lining rectangles together and then match up the outer panels of the pencil case. Pin in place and sew around the outside with a ¼” seam allowance, however leave a gap approximately 3” in the lining. Refer to diagram 8. Note: ensure the seam of the zipper is facing towards the lining.
      15. Turn the right way out through the gap and sew it closed. Attach decorative zipper pull.

Congratulations on your Geometric Pencil Case!

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