Woodland Wonderland

With Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to design a project perfect to do with kids!

There is no sewing required in this decoration! Woodland Wonderland adds a festive vibe to any room and what’s best, you can make co-ordinating Christmas tree decorations with your favourite fabrics! Three different snowflakes sparkle in this decoration, so it is sure to be a hit with Frozen fans too!


GO! Sleigh and Snowflakes
  1. AccuQuilt GO! Baby, GO! Cutter or GO! Big
  2. AQ55322 GO! Sleigh & Snowflakes
  3. AQ55043 GO! Holiday Medley
  4. AQ55115 GO! Cutting Mat- 6 x 6
  5. 12cm / 5” strips (WOF) of your 7x favourite Christmas fabrics
  6. 50cm / 20” heavy iron on stabiliser
  7. 50cm / 20” fusible web
  8. 5m / 98” narrow white satin ribbon
  9. 16cm / 9 ½” Metal hoop wrapped in your choice of ribbonGO! Holiday Medley
  10. 45 x 10mm Jump rings
  11. 30 × 5mm Ribbon clamps
  12. 5cm / 1” ring
  13. Pliers
  14. Leather hole punch tool

Cutting Preparation:

  1. Before cutting out the shapes for this decoration, it is necessary to fuse the fabric, stabiliser and fusible web together, to create a “sandwich”.
  2. Firstly, lay out one strip of Christmas fabric and cut a piece of heavy iron on stabiliser to fit half the width of the fabric strip. Iron onto the wrong side of the fabric.
  3. Cut a piece of fusible web, the same size as the stabiliser and iron on top of the stabiliser. Allow to cool and then remove the paper backing.
  4. Fold back the other half of the Christmas fabric to cover the stabiliser and fusible web (refer to diagram below). Iron all layers together and repeat for the other 6 fabric strips.

Cutting Instructions:

Cutting Instructions


    1. Using the leather hole punch tool, push a hole through the top and bottom of your shapes, leaving approximately ¼” from the edge of the fabric. Note: Select 6 shapes which will hang at the bottom of each row of your decoration and only punch one hole at the top of each shape.
    2. Open up the jump rings and thread one through each of the holes you created in the fabric shapes.
  1. Attach three snowflakes evenly around your covered metal hoop, close jump rings.COnstruction 1
  2. Cut 15 lengths of ribbon, varying from 3” – 6” and attach a ribbon clamp to each end.
  3. Attach 3 jump rings between the snowflakes around the metal hoop. Thread a piece of ribbon onto the 3 jump rings and close them. You will now have 6 drops in total.
  4. Vary the lengths of ribbons and shapes, attaching 3 shapes on each of the 6 strands. Finish off each strand with a single hole shape on the bottom of each strand.
  5. Cut 3 × 8” lengths of ribbon and attach ribbon clamps to each end. Place one ribbon piece through every second jump ring along the metal hoop.
  6. Place a jump ring through each end of the 3 ribbon clamps and attach these to the small hanging ring.

Congratulations on finishing your Woodland Wonderland decoration!


Get Creative!

Using the same technique, you can create Christmas decorations!
Punch a hole in the top and then simply thread some thin silver cord through the hole and tie a knot. The perfect Christmas school holiday project!

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