Tweet Dreams Catcher

“You are sure to have Tweet Dreams with this gorgeous dream catcher! Using some of the most versatile AccuQuilt dies, the possibilities are endless.” – Mandy Murray



  1. AccuQuilt GO! Baby, GO! Cutter or GO! Big
    Tweet Dreams Catcher feathers
    Diagram 1
  2. AQ55045 GO! Rose of Sharon by Sharon Pederson
  3. AQ55177 GO! Simple Shapes by Edyta Sitar
  4. AQ55324 GO! Birds
  5. AQ55137 GO! Cutting Mat-6″ x 6″
  6. Variety of pink fabric scraps
  7. (1) script/text fabric fat eighth (feathers)
  8. (1) grey fat eighth (feathers)
  9. (1) Olive wool felt square
  10. (1) Teal wool felt square
  11. 50cm / 20” Heat & Bond Ultra
  12. 10cm / 4” cotton iron-on stabiliser
  13. 33cm / 13” wooden embroidery hoop
  14. Stranded twine
  15. Stick
  16. Stuffing
  17. 5 minute araldite glue
  18. 450 fabric glue
  19. DMC #B5200 & #823
  20. Mixture of buttons
    Tweet Dreams Catcher diagram 2
    Diagram 2


  1. Cut each fat eighth into (2) 5 1/2″ x WOF strips. Cut (2) strips the same size from the Heat and Bond Ultra. Iron a strip of Heat & Bond Ultra onto the wrong side of (1) of each fabric.
  2. Remove the paper backing, position another strip of fabric (the same colour) on top, wrong sides together and iron in place.
  3. Using AQ55177 GO! Simple Shapes by Edyta Sitar, cut a variety of leaves (approximately 9 in total).
  4. “Feather” each leaf by cutting diagonally down the sides, ensuring you do not cut all the way to the center. Cut a few of the fringes away (refer to diagram 1).
    Tweet Dreams Catcher diagram 3
    Diagram 3
  1. From the pink fabric scraps & woven stabilizer, cut (2) 3 ½” x 6” rectangles. Iron the stabilizer onto the wrong side of the fabric.
  2. Place fabric right sides together and cut out (2) birds from AQ55324 GO! Birds (refer to diagram 2). Repeat for the other bird.
  3. Iron heat & bond ultra onto the wrong side of some fabric scraps and cut (4) wings for the birds (refer to diagram 2).
  4. Place each bird wrong sides together and triple stitch around the outside with a ¼” seam allowance, leaving a 1” gap at the bottom.
  5. Fill the birds with stuffing. Note: Don’t worry about stuffing the tail area. You can triple stitch lines over the tail area for
    Tweet Dreams Catcher diagram 4
    Diagram 4
    added detail (refer to diagram 3). Stitch the opening closed.
  6. Using (2) strands of DMC #823 and (1) strand of DMC #B5200, hand sew a French knot either side of the bird for its eyes.
  1. Fuse Heat & Bond Ultra between (2) layers of the pink fabric scraps.
  2.  Cut a variety (approximately 50) of the two smallest flowers from AQ55045 GO! Rose of Sharon by Sharon Pederson (refer to diagram 4)
  3. For the flowers along the edge of the wooden hoop cut the following (refer to diagram 5):
    • Largest flower cut (2)
      Tweet Dreams Catcher diagram 5
      Diagram 5
    • Second largest flower cut (2)
    • Third smallest flower cut 4
    • Second smallest flower cut (4)
    • Smallest flower cut (19)
  4. To create the 3D flower, simply make a cut to the center of the flower (as per diagram 6). Dab a small amount of fabric glue onto one side of the petal and overlap it (as per diagram 7). Note: for the smallest flowers I overlapped it over two petals to give it more dimension.
  5. To create the layered 3D layers around thehoop. Stack the desires sizes (refer to diagram 5 as a guide) and hand stitch using a single strand of twine from the front to the back and then back to front, tying a
    Tweet Dreams Catcher Diagram 6
    Diagram 6
    knot at the front to secure. You need (6) of these stacked flowers in total.
  6. From the olive and teal felt, cut (approximately 16) of the small leaves).



  1. Firstly, cut the stick to the same width as the wooden hoop and use 5 minute araldite to
    Tweet Dreams Catcher Diagram 7
    Diagram 7
    glue into position (refer to diagram 8). Allow to dry
  2. Using fabric glue, attach the birds to the stick at their base and tail.
  3. Group the stacked flowers and secure onto the hoop with fabric glue. Scatter the tiny 3D flowers around the hoop. Mirror the flower positions on the other side of the hoop (refer to diagram 9).
  4. Thread a needle with (1) strand of twine (approximately 70cm long) and stitch through the top of a fabric feather, approximately 3/8” from the top and secure with a knot.
  5. Continue to thread the 3D flowers, buttons and leaves. Note: Tie a knot between each item to keep it in position.
  6. Repeat this until you have (9) strands at varying lengths (refer to diagram 10). Tie each strand along the bottom of the hoop
    Tweet Dreams Catcher Diagram 8
        Diagram 8
    , with around a 1” gap between.
  7. Tie a piece of twine around the top of the wooden hoop and your dream catcher is ready to hang!
  Congratulations on finishing your Tweet Dreams Catcher! 
Tweet Dreams Catcher Diagram 9
Diagram 9

Tweet Dreams Catcher Diagram 10
Diagram 10

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