Swirly Christmas Tree by Alicia Mummery

“We got new Christmas fabric in at Height’s Sewing Centre, Werribee. I have always wanted to use the Heather Feather dies, so an aha moment happened.

Using the GO! cutters makes the process of cutting everything out so much easier and quicker. Iron on vliesofix to fabric, put it through the GO! cutter and just place, iron and stitch, you can’t get any easier than that.”

Heather Feather #1


      1. AccuQuilt GO! Big, GO! or GO! Baby cutter
      2. AQ55028 GO! Star- 2”, 3”, 4”
      3. AQ55087 GO! Heather Feather #1 by Sarah Vedeler
      4. AQ55088 GO! Heather Feather #2 by Sarah Vedeler
      5. AQ55017 or AQ55014 GO! Strip Cutter 2 1/2″
      6. Fabric 1 – Background and backing: 2 x  22″ (55cm) width  x 27″ (70cm) length
      7. Fabric 2 – Tree and binding – 20” (50cm)
      8. Fabric 3 – Star – 5″ (12cm) square
      9. Fusible web for tree and star
      10. Wadding 22″ (55cm) width x 27″ (70cm) length
Heather Feather #2Heather Feather Die Layouts to print

Cutting Instructions:

      1. Using AQ55017 or AQ55014, cut 4 x 2.5″ strips across width of fabric 2 for binding. Place to one side.
      2. Iron the fusible web to remainder of fabric 2. I often cut my fabric to the same size as the die block for ease of cutting with the fusible web.
      3. Please refer to attached diagram for the reference chart for cutting
      4. From AQ55087 GO! Heather Feather #1 , cut the following
        • 1-1 x 3,
        • 1-2 x 2
        • 1-4 x 2
        • 1-5 x 4
        • 1-6 x 5 ( Don’t forget to mirror image the feathers when there are two or more)
      5. From AQ55088 GO! Heather Feather #2, cut the following
        • 2-1 x 1
        • 2-3 x 6
        • 2-6 x 2
        • 2-7 x 2
        • 2-9 x 2
        • 2-11 x 2
        • 2-12 x 2 ( Don’t forget to mirror image the feathers there are two or more)
      6. Using fabric 3 and AQ55028 die, cut 1 x 4″ star

Sewing Instructions:

      1. Please see picture for the placement of all the feathers, or choose your own placement! This can be done on your fabric top, or to the side. I like to place them to the side.
      2. Once you are happy with your placement place on top of your background fabric.
      3. Peel off backing paper from fabric and iron into place (I did this in rows starting at the top)
      4. There are various ways you can appliqué these on. I used a buttonhole stitch but other choices include a raw edge appliqué, satin stitch or any other decorative stitch in your machine that your heart desires ! After you have appliquéd all the pieces down its time for the quilting.
      5. I chose pebbles, starting in the middle and working my way around the all the feathers, then to the outer edged but it’s totally up to you. Some other choices would be to stipple or echo.
Congratulations on finishing your Swirly Christmas Tree!

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