Snowflake Pot Holders

Add some Christmas spirit to your kitchen this festive season or create the perfect gift for school teachers and loved ones!

Materials (Makes 2)

  1. AccuQuilt GO! Cutter or GO! Big
  2. AQ55438 GO! Hexagon – 4 1/2” Sides (4 1/4” Finished)
  3. AQ55450 GO! Snowflakes – 7”
  4. AQ55111 GO! Cutting Mat – 10” x 10”
  5. (1) fat quarter chambray spot
  6. (2) fat quarters silver patterned fabric
  7. (1) fat quarter insul-bright
  8. (2) 5” pieces mini white pompom trim
  9. (2) 8” squares of fusible web
  10. (2) 10” squares of tear away
  11. Metallic silver thread
Snowflake Pot Holders Diagram 1

Cutting Instructions

  • Chambray spot – Cut (2) AQ55438 GO! Hexagon
  • Silver patterned fabric #1 – Cut (1) AQ55438 GO! Hexagon (backing)
  • Silver pattern fabric #2 – Cut (1) AQ55438 GO! Hexagon (backing)
  • Insul-bright – Cut (2) AQ55438 GO! Hexagon

Sewing Instructions

    1. Iron an 8” square of fusible web onto the wrong sides of each silver patterned fabric.
    2. Select your favourite snowflakes from AQ55450 and cut a total of two. Remove the paper backing.
    3. Lay the chambray spot hexagons right side facing up on your ironing board and position the snowflakes (right side facing up) in the centre of each. Iron in place.
      1. Place a piece of tear away behind each fused hexagon. Using a blanket, satin or decorative stitch on your sewing, appliqué around the edge of the snowflakes using a metallic silver thread.
Snowflake Pot Holders
      1. Carefully remove the tear away from the back.
      2. Create a sandwich by layering the hexagons in the following order: – Insul-bright – Silver back (right side facing up) – Chambray (wrong side facing up)
      3. Insert the pompom trim between the silver backing and chambray lay, matching raw edges, pin together.
      4. Using a ¼” seam allowance, sew around the hexagon, however leave a gap on one side. Clip corners and turn the right way out. Press and hand sew the gap closed. Top stitch around the edge.
Congratulations on finishing your Snowflake Pot Holders!Snowflake Pot Holders Finished

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