Scrappy Christmas Stocking

Use up your Christmas scraps to make this quick and easy Santa Stocking!


  1. AccuQuilt GO! Big or GO! Fabric Cutter
  2. AQ55854 GO! Santa Stocking Die
  3. AQ55059 GO! Square – 2 1/2″ (2″ Finished) Multiplies
  4. Scrappy Christmas Fabric
  5. 50cm White Fabric for Cuffs and Lining
  6. 6” Piece of Ribbon
  7. Sewing Machine
  8. Matching Sewing Thread
  9. General Sewing Tools

Cutting Instructions:

  1. From assorted Christmas scraps:
    • Using AQ55059 GO! Square – 2 1/2″ (2″ Finished) Multiplies
      • Cut (60) squares
  2. From White lining fabric
    • Using:
      • Cut (2) stocking shapes
      • Cut (4) cuffs AQ55854 Go! Santa Stocking Die

Sewing Instructions:

All seams are ¼” unless otherwise specified.

Sew the Scrappy Stocking

  1. Divide the 2 ½” scrappy squares into two piles of (30) each.
  2. Lay the squares out as in the picture below, then sew them together to make one of each shape. Press the seams open.
  1. Place the scrappy shape A on the AQ55854 Go! Santa Stocking Die right side up (see diagram) and cut it out.
  1. Place the scrappy shape B on the AQ55854 Go! Santa Stocking Die right side down (see diagram) and cut it out
  1. Sew a cuff to each of the scrappy stocking shapes by placing them right sides together. Press away from the cuff.
  1. Sew the scrappy stocking right sides together. Turn them inside out and press well.

Sew the Lining:

  1. Sew the lining cuffs and stocking together
  2. Place the stocking pieces right sides together and sew, leaving a four-inch opening on one of the side seams.
  3. Press, but do not turn inside out.

Assemble the Scrappy Stocking:

  1. Fold the ribbon in half and pin to the back seam on the right side of the lining. The loop should be facing down into the stocking.
  2. Place the scrappy stocking inside the lining, right sides together. Pin along the top and sew. Sew back and forth a few times where the ribbon is, to strengthen it.
  3. Turn the stocking right side out and tuck the lining into the scrappy stocking. Press and top stitch.

Congratulations on finishing your project!

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