Pink Zebra Love

A quick and easy quilt-as-you-go cushion to make for someone you love. Make more cushions and add a little love to your lounge room.


  • GO! Big, GO! or GO! Baby Cutter
  • AQ55029 GO! Heart 2in, 3in, 4in
  • 1m (1 ¼ yd) pink zebra fabric
  • Fat quarter of solid white fabric
  • 60cm (23 ½in) square of batting
  • A4 sheet double sided fusible webbing
  • 50cm (20in) cushion insert
  • 30cm (12in) length of Velcro
  • Frixion Pen
  • Safety Pins

Cutting Instructions

  • From the pink zebra fabric
    • Cut three 6in strips, then crosscut four 6in squares, two 14in x 6in strips and two 22in x 6in strips rectangles
    • Cut one 13in strip, then crosscut two 13in x 22in rectangles.
  • From the solid white fabric
    • Cut one 14in square.
  • Press the double sided fusible webbing to the wrong side of four 6in squares of the pink zebra fabric then using the AQ55029 GO! Heart 4in shape, cut four hearts.

Sewing Instructions

  1. Finger press the 14in white fabric square in half twice dividing the square into quarters. Use the finger pressed lines to position the four hearts using the photograph of the cushion as a reference.  Remove the paper backing then press the hearts into position on the white fabric square using a hot, dry iron.
  2. Lay the 23 ½in square of batting on a flat surface then centre the white square with the hearts on top. Pin in place with safety pins.
  3. Using black thread stitch around the heart shapes 1/8in from the edge to secure the hearts in place through all layers. Use white thread and quilt the white square around the hearts, removing the pins as you go.  Caroline has quilted a pointed flame pattern.
Pink Zebra Love Photo 2
  1. Use the Frixion pen to mark a 12 ½in square around the hearts, keeping them centred. Lay a 14in x 6in pink zebra fabric strip along one side, right side down and raw edge lined up with the inside marked line. Stitch down using a 1/4in seam then flip the strip over and press flat.
  2. Use black thread to quilt straight lines ¼in apart until the whole strip has been quilted. Repeat for the second 14in x 6in strip along the opposite side.
  3. Using the two 22in x 6in pink zebra fabric strips, stitch, flip and quilt to complete the cushion front. Trim the front to 21in square.
  4. Press a 1in hem twice along the long edge of both 22in x 13in pink zebra fabric rectangles. Topstitch along both folded edges. Centre the loop side of the Velcro onto the right side of one cushion back hem and stitch in place. Centre the hook side of the Velcro onto the wrong side of the other cushion back hem and stitch as before.
  5. Reconnect the Velcro to complete the cushion back. Trim the joined back pieces to 21in square.
  6. Lay the cushion front face up and then pin the joined back on top with right sides together. Stitch around the edge using a ½in seam. Clip the corners, open the Velcro then turn right side out. Add the cushion insert.

Congratulations on finishing your Pink Zebra Love


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