GO! Beach Flamingo Tea Towels

Elevate your applique to the next level by using the newly introduced V-Stitch Embroidery Designs.

Debbie Lomas walks you through the basics of using the designs with your AccuQuilt GO! applique shapes, passing on hints and tips along the way. This will start a whole new addiction for you, (but in a good way 😉).

How to Embroider with V- Stitch Designs:

Have you ever wanted to elevate your applique to the next steps? Then these V-Stitch Embroidery Designs are for you!

Designed by Diana Vogt and Anne Vane, these designs add character and charm to any of the GO! applique dies.

Traditional applique designs like Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam are now dressed of any occasion, whether it is for their wedding, to celebrate Christmas or exchange presents on Valentine’s Day, there is an embroidery for every occasion.


More non-traditional designs include changing horses into a unicorn, having the easter bunny make delivery in the cute car or making pigs that fly, using the designs is simple and fun.


let’s get started on beach towels:


  1. AccuQuilt GO! Big, GO!, GO! Baby or GO! Me Fabric Cutter
  2. AccuQuilt GO! Flamingo Die
  3. GO! Beach Flamingo 1 Embroidery Design by V-Stitch Design
  4. GO! Beach Flamingo 2 Embroidery Design by V-stitch Design
  5. AccuQuilt GO! Cutting Mat 6” x 12”
  6. 2 Purchased Tea Towels
  7. Embroidery machine
  8. Fabric for applique
  9. Iron on fusible web the size of applique fabric.
  10. Embroidery threads to match
  11. Tearaway stabiliser

Sewing Instructions:

Cut out your applique shape.

  1. Adhere your favourite fusible webbing onto the wrong side of the fabric. Place fabric on the GO! flaming die*, covering the die shapes. Cover with mat. Run the die through the cutter for a perfectly cut applique shape.
    *When using the GO! Beach Flamingo 2, note the direction of the Flamingo. The fabric needs to be right-side down in order to get the correct orientation of the Flamingo.
    HINT: when using fusible web, this counts as half a layer of fabric, which allows you to cut up to 4 layers of pre-fused cotton fabric.

Mark your Project.

  1. On your project, mark the centre position of where you would like the applique. Hoop your project, with your preferred method for accurate placement.

On your Embroidery Machine.

  1. Referring to your machine manual, set up your machine for embroidery. Select the embroidery design GO! Beach Flamingo 2 on your machine and attach hoop.
Flamingo towels step 3
  1. Refer to the embroidery design instructions, included with your designs, to see the order of embroidery will stitch. In this instance, there is two colours sewn first for the bottom of the thongs. The third colour change will be a placement line for the applique. Refer to picture 1.
  2. Remove hoop from machine and place the cut-out in position perfectly. Refer to picture 2.
  3. Iron the cut out in place. Refer to picture 3.

HINT: I prefer to use the Husqvarna Viking Metal Hoop when using applique embroideries to remove the risk of melting a plastic hoop. I also find ironing the cut out in place reduces the risk of movement of the applique and gives you a better-finished result.

  1. Reattach the hoop to the embroidery machine and continue embroidering. The fourth stitch will be a tack-down stitch. This tack-down stitch ensures the edge of the fabric is secure and the applique doesn’t shift or shrink during the embroidery process.
  2. The fifth colour is the final applique edge. This can be in a few different styles, of satin, blanket or motif stitch depending on the embroidery you have chosen.
  3. The sixth colour is the placement of the wing. Repeat steps 5 and 6 above to position in place. Refer to pictures 4 and 5 below.
Flamingo step 9
  1. Viewing the instructions, colours 9 and 10 are the stripes on the wing before completing the outline embroidery edge for wing.
  2. Colours 12, 13 and 14 are the placement of the beak, tack down stitch and embroidery edge. Repeat steps 5 and 6 above to embroider. Refer to pictures 6, 7 and 8 below.
  1. Continue with embroidery, as per the instructions, to complete your project.
  2. Remove hoop from machine and remove tearaway from back of project.
  3. Repeat this process for the second tea towel and using the GO! Beach Flamingo 1 design.
  4. Hang the tea towels on your oven ready to feel your Beach Vibes!

Be sure to check out the complete range of V Stitch Embroidery Designs at our website.

Congratulations on finishing your project!

Flamingo towels on oven

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