Easter Egg Basket

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket… make a few! Using our Go! Big Bowl Cozy die, these cute baskets will have you all organized for Easter!


  1. AccuQuilt GO! Big
  2. AQ55208 Go! Big Bowl Cozy
  3. AQ55109 GO! Strip Cutter 1 1/4″ (3/4″ Finished)
  4. GO! Cutting Mats – AQ55146 (14” x 16”) and AQ55113 (10” x 24”)
  5. Two fat quarters matching fabric
  6. Large scraps of batting
  7. Two medium size buttons
  8. Spray Starch
  9. Sewing Machine
  10. Matching Sewing Thread
  11. General Sewing Tools

Cutting Instructions:

  1. From the two fat quarters:
    • Roughly cut two 12” squares
  2. From the large scraps of batting:
    • Roughly cut two 12” squares
  3. Place the two pieces of fabric wrong sides together, with the two pieces of batting in between them to form a quilt sandwich.
  4. From the quilt sandwich:
    • Using AQ55208 Go! Big Bowl Cozy
      • Cut all four layers at the same time to make the bowl cozy shape
  5. Using more scraps from the fat quarters and batting, layer them in the same manner on the AQ55109 GO! Strip Cutter 1 ¼″ die to cut a 1 ¼” x 12” strip for the handle of the basket.

Sewing Instructions:

All seams are ¼” unless otherwise specified.

Sew the Easter Egg Basket Case

  1. Take the four layers off the Bowl Cozy die carefully pin them together.
  2. Choose two opposite ends, measure and mark 2 ½” away from the sides as pictured below:
Easter-basket Picture 1
  1. On a layer of fabric and batting, try out various lengths and widths of zigzag/satin stitch until you achieve the desired look. Then stitch twice around the bowl cozy shape, as pictured below, stopping at the 2 ½” marks you previously made. Stitching twice helps to fill in the gaps and create a nice edge finish.
Easter-Basket Picture 2

Sew the Handle

  1. Pin the four strips of fabric 1 ¼” x 12” together, and using the same zigzag stitch, stitch twice on both of the long edges. Spray starch and press.

Attach the Handle

  1. Place one end of the handle inside one of the openings of the front of the bowl and pin in place:
Easter Basket Attach the handle
  1. With the same zigzag method, attach it to the bowl:
Easter Egg Attaching the handle Picture 2
  1. Repeat the process for the second end of the handle:
Easter Basket Attaching Handle Picture 3

Shape the Bowl into a Basket

  1. Overlap the sides of the bowl about 1 ½”, until a basket shape is achieved. Pin into place.
  2. Hand sew the overlapped sides together, going through the inside layers so no stitching is seen on the front or back:
Shaping bowl into a basket picture1
  1. Fold over the remaining edges and sew in place with a button.
Adding a button Picture 1
  1. Add Easter Eggs!
  2. Congratulations on finishing your project!

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3 responses to “Easter Egg Basket

  1. Rebecca says:

    I love it

    1. Joy from DaysFilledWithJoy says:

      Thank you Rebecca! If you make some, we’d love to see pics! Joy xx

  2. Susan Steele says:

    Joy: This is darling but I cannot find a place that I can download the pattern. Can you help me?? I sure hope so! Easter will be here shortly!!
    Thank you, Susie

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