Big Block Buddy Cushions
‘I like big blocks and I cannot lie, these other quilters can’t deny!

I have recently become obsessed with big blocks. Perfectly showcasing the fabric and minimalistic in its look, there is no what better way to create them then with the Qubes!

Big Block Buddy Cushions are easy to make and the block can quickly be transformed into a stunning quilt!’


  • AccuQuilt GO! Big or GO! Cutter Fabric Starter Set
  • AQ55778 GO! QUBE Mix & Match – 12” Block set
    • Shape 2 Square – 3” Finished
    • Shape 3 Half Square Triangle – 6” Finished
    • Shape 5 Half Square Triangle – 3” Finished
    • Shape 6 Square on Point – 4 ¼” Finished
  • AQ55137 GO! Cutting Mat 6 x 6
  • AQ55111 GO! Cutting Mat 10 x 10
  • 1.5m of white fabric
  • 2 x contrasting fat quarters
  • 1 x 60cm square of wadding
  • 1 x 45cm invisible zipper
  • 1 x 45cm cushion insert
  • Rotary mat, cutter and ruler.
  • General sewing equipment

Cutting Instructions:

From white fabric:
  1. Cut 2, 5” x Width of Fabric (WOF)
    • Using Shape 5, cut 24, Half Square Triangles (HST)
  2. From remaining fabric cut, 2 x 24” (60cm) squares – 1 for pillow front backing and 1 for pillow back.
From one fat quarter – Fabric 1:
  1. Cut 1, 7 ½ ” x WOF approx. 21”
    • Using Shape 3, cut 4, HST
  1. From remaining fabric
    • Using Shape 5, cut 4 HST
From second fat quarter -Fabric 2:
  1. Using Shape 6, cut 5 Square on Point
  2. Using Shape 2, cut 4 Squares
NOTE: if you cut conservatively, you will be able to get a reverse set of cushions. See footnote for layout.

Sewing Instructions

NOTE: All seams are ¼“, (6mm), unless otherwise specified
  1. Sew one Fabric 1 HST (Shape 5) to each edge of Fabric 2 square on point (Shape 6) to make centre unit. Press seams towards triangles.
  2. Sew one white HST(Shape 5) to each edge of Fabric 2 square on point (Shape 6) to make a square unit. Press seams towards triangles. Make 4 units in total.
Big Block Buddy Cushions diagram 1
  1. Sew one white HST (shape 5) to the side and bottom of Fabric 2 square (Shape 2) as shown. Press seams towards triangles. Make 4 combined units.
  2. Sew one Fabric 1 HST (shape 3) and one combined unit together as shown. Press seam towards largest triangle. Make 4 units in total.
Big Block Buddy Cushions diagram 2
  1. Arrange blocks as shown below. Sew the three blocks of top row together. Press seams away from centre.
  2. Sew three blocks of middle row together. Press seams towards centre.
  3. Sew three blocks of bottom row together. Press seams away from centre.
  4. Sew strips together, nesting seams as you go.
Big Block Buddy Cushions diagram 3
  1. Once your quilt block is complete, layer your 24” (60cm) square of white pillow front backing fabric, right side down, 24” (60cm) square of wadding and quilt block, right side up, centring all three.
  2. Pin or baste layers together.
  3. Quilt as desired.
  4. Trim cushion top back to 18 ½” (47cm).
  5. Using cushion backing fabric, cut in half, horizontally. Insert invisible zip and trim backing fabric to 18 ½” (47cm).
  6. With right sides together, using a 1/4” (6mm) seam allowance , and opening zipper slightly prior to sewing, sew around the square to complete the cushion. Zig zag or overlock raw edges.
  7. Trim corners and turn inside out, iron seam allowance flat and add cushion insert.

Congratulations on finishing your project!

Footnote: Cutting layout for reverse pair of cushions. Create many blocks to make this stunning quilt.Big Block Buddy Cushions diagram 4Big Block Buddies Quilt

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