Scrap Busting Modern Sampler GO! Stargaze Block 42
GO! Stargaze 6

Block Sewing Instructions:

  1. Pin and sew one cream and one orange parallelograms together. Stop stitching ¼” from edge as shown. Press seams open.
Stargaze block step 1
  1. In and sew one orange 1½” square and one combined parallelogram unit together with a Y-seam as shown. Press seams toward square.
Stargaze Block step 2
  1. Pin and sew one yellow 1½” finished half square triangle (HST) to corners of one of the combined parallelogram unit as shown. Press seam towards triangles. Make two quarter block units.
Stargaze Block step 3
  1. Repeat to make two quarter block units using red parallelogram and red 1½” squares.
Stargaze Block step 4
  1. Lay out quarter block units as shown. Pin and sew two quarter blocks together into half blocks as shown. Press seams open. Make two half blocks.
  2. Pin and sew half blocks together to complete block. Press seams open.
Stargaze block Step 6

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