Scrap Busting Modern Sampler GO! Flower Basket Block 48
GO! Flower Basket Fabric Requirements

Block Sewing Instructions:

  1. Pin and sew one orange and one light orange 1½” finished half square triangle (HST) together as shown. Press seams toward orange triangles. Make six HST units
Flower basket step 1
  1. Pin and sew rows of HST units and light orange 1½” finished HST together as shown. Press seams open
FLower basket step 2
  1. Pin and sew one red finished 3” HST to combined triangle unit as shown. Press seam toward red triangle.
flower basket step 3
  1. Pin and sew one red 1½” finished HST to one light orange 1½” x 3” rectangle. Make one of each orientation as shown. Press seams towards red triangles.
FLower basket step 4
  1. Pin and sew rectangle units to side and bottom combined triangle unit. Press seams towards rectangle units
Flower basket step 5
  1. Pin and sew one light orange 3” finished HST to corner to complete block. Press seams toward light orange triangle

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