Petals – Block of the Month Finishing

Petals is a Block Of The Month sampler quilt that has been exclusively designed to use with the Accuquilt GO! QUBE Mix & Match block sets. The great thing about the GO! QUBE Mix & Match sets is that while I’m using the 8” Block set and 8” Angles Companion set for my pattern sample, you could just as easily use any size QUBE that you have as the shape numbers are all the same! You will just need to adjust the size of your fabric cuts accordingly.

What makes the Petals BOM different from the two previous sampler quilts shared on the AccuQuilt blog is that these blocks are made at 150% the Qube size. That means that the finished quilt block will be 150% bigger than the size of the Qube set:

  • 6” Qube – 9” (finished) blocks – 45” x 45” quilt
  • 8” Qube – 12” (finished) blocks – 60” x 60” quilt
  • 9” Qube – 13.5” (finished) blocks – 67.5” x 67.5” quilt
  • 10” Qube – 15” (finished) blocks – 75” x 75” quilt
  • 12” Qube – 18” (finished) blocks – 90” x 90” quilt

These finishing instructions are specifically to create a larger quilt that alternates sampler blocks with large background fabric squares. This is a great way to make a 12 block sampler quilt end up much bigger!

Petals Finishing Quilt Diagram

You could certainly use your Petals blocks any way you like – sewing them in a 3×4 grid for a baby quilt, or on point to create a different look. Sampler quilts are fabulous in that way – make it however you like! You could use the quilt finishing ideas from Patisserie or Stellar too.

Petals blocks set on point with a centre block of background fabric (51” x 51”)

Petals blocks in a 3×4 grid (36” x 48”)

These are the instructions for 12” (finished) sampler blocks; quilt finishes at 60” x 60”. If your blocks are a different size, cut the background squares at the same size as your unfinished blocks.

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  1. rogeep says:

    So beautiful! I’m inspired to try this.

  2. Cecile says:

    Très beau,pour votre patron

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