Spring Time Birdie Bag

This month I have made this gorgeous Spring Time Birdie Bag. It adds a splash of colour and happiness to your day and is lots of fun to create with your AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter. The GO! appliqué die range makes cutting shapes fast and effortless.

The GO! Birds Die (AQ55324) is definitely one of my favourite AccuQuilt dies because it is so versatile for lots of different projects! The flowers along the top of the bag are cut from felt and add a different textural element to the bag. The AccuQuilt GO! dies cut through felt with ease and precision.

I hope you enjoy making my Spring Time Birdie Bag!


  • 45cm x 90cm White Waffle Weave Fabric
  • 45cm x 90cm Pellon
  • 45cm x 90cm Pre-Quilted Lining Fabric
  • 4 x 15cm Co-ordinating Fabric for Bird Appliqué
  • 20cm x 25cm Rectangle of Fabric for Internal Pocket
  • 15cm Heat & Bond
  • 1 x Brown Felt Square for Stems
  • 3-5 Different Coloured Felt Squares for Flowers
  • 7 x 20mm Wooden Buttons
  • 3 x 10mm White Buttons
  • 1 x 8mm White Button
  • Large Pre-purchased Sew on Handles

Additional Requirements:

  • Variegated Thread for Bird and Leaf Appliqués
  • Wax Coated Thread
  • Contrasting Thread for Embroidery on Flowers


  • AccuQuilt GO! Big (AQ55500A), GO! Fabric Cutter (AQ55100 or AQ55100S) or GO! Baby Cutter (AQ55300 or AQ55600)
  • AQ55324 GO! Birds
  • AQ55331 GO! Stems & Leaves
  • AQ55334 GO! Fun Flower
  • AQ55326 GO! Crazy Petals
  • AQ55137 GO! Cutting Mat – 6” x 6″
  • AQ55112 GO! Cutting Mat – 6” x 12”
  • Sewing Machine
  • Hand Sewing Needle
  • Iron

Cutting Instructions:

  • Iron Heat & Bond onto the reverse side of the 4cm x 15cm fabric for bird appliqué.
  • Position the fabric onto the GO! Birds die (AQ55324) and cut 4 birds and wings using either the GO! Big, GO! Cutter or GO! Baby Cutter. (As Heat and Bond counts as half a layer of fabric, remember to cut no more than four layers of fabric with Heat and Bond at any one time)
  • Cut the branches out of the brown felt square using the GO! Stems and Leaves die, (AQ55331).
Note: Depending on the thickness of the felt, only one to two layers should be cut at a time!
  • Using the GO! Fun Flower die, (AQ55334), cut 3 different coloured flowers out of the coloured felt (2 layers per flower).
  • Using the GO! Crazy Petals die, (AQ55326), cut 20 of the large individual petals from 2 different coloured felt squares.
  • Cut the waffle weave fabric, pellon and lining into two 45cm x 45cm squares.
  • Iron the pellon squares to the wrong side of the waffle weave fabric.


Step 1: Using one of the squares of the waffle weave fabric, position the felt branches and pin in place.Step 2: Select a blanket stitch on your sewing machine and stitch around the outside edge of the branches using brown thread.Step 3: Arrange the birds with their wings around the branches, removing Heat & Bond paper backing and ironing onto position. Using a variegated thread, blanket stitch around the outside of the birds & wings.Bird1   Bird2Step 4:  Repeat this process on the other square of waffle weave fabric if desired, as per the example of reverse side below.Step 5:  Eyes: Sew the large white buttons onto the larger birds and the small white button onto the smaller bird using black thread.backStep 6: Set free-motion sewing on your sewing machine by dropping the feed dogs. Free-motion leaves using a green variegated thread. It may be helpful to use a fabric marker or chalk to draw the leaves as a guide. Using the same process free motion: tweet tweet tweet onto the back of the bag and give your birdies their little legs!bird3   bird4Step 7: Select a decorative embroidery stitch on your sewing machine and a contrasting thread. Sew down each petal of the Fun Flowers.Step 8: Position 5 petals for each flower onto the front side of your bag, leaving a 1 1/4″ (3cm) seam allowance from the sides. Free-motion into position, ensuring that you only sew half way to maintain a 3D effect. Position and pin the GO! Fun Flowers (AQ55334) alternatively along the top. Sew wooden buttons into the centre of each flower.Bird5   AbzjrPSL_mNq1s4oYWai3rPdCiTdUN45FbrBPSDjwSM,wU_11zwyV-Jgb9WB3m5mi0wk_k32jyweUb8n_Tom9HMStep 9: As an option, paint the leaves and heat set to fix (following manufacturers instructions). I used water colour paints, blending Lemon Yellow, Sap Green, Green Deep and Phythalo Blue. You could also use acrylics, fabric pens or stamps!bird6   bird7Step 10:  Fold the rectangle for the pocket in half long ways so that right sides are together. Stitch around the outside with a ¼” (6 mm) seam allowance, leaving a gap approximately 2″ (5cm) to turn inside out. Press and fold the longest side down 5/8″ (1cm) and repeat, topstitch in position. Position onto the right side of the lining fabric, 6″ (15cm) from the top and topstitch around the other 3 sides.bird8

Bag Construction

Step 1: Place the front and back piece of waffle weave right sides together, pin and sew using a ½” (1.2cm) seam allowance around the outside, except for the top opening.Step 2: Repeat this step with the pre-quilted lining fabric, however leave a  4″ (10cm) gap in one side for turning.Step 3: The next step is to box the bottom corners, creating a base. With right sides together, pinch corners so that the front and back seams are aligned vertically, creating a triangle. Measure 2″ (5cm) from the point and stitch horizontally across the triangle. Trim off triangle tip ½” (1.2cm) from seam to reduce bulk. Repeat on the opposite corner and lining.bird9   bird10Step 4: Place your outer bag inside of your lining so that the right sides of the outer bag and lining are together. Pin the tops together by aligning the side seams with each other.Tip! It is helpful to pin the petals down to ensure that they do not get caught in the seams.Step 5: Sew completely around the top of the bag using a ½” (1.2cm) seam allowance.Step 6: Turn bag right side out through the opening in the lining. Pin the outer bag and lining together at the top seam and topstitch along the edge.Step 7: Measure along the top of the bag and find the centre. Depending on the size of your handles, measure  3 1/8″ (8cm) either side of the centre marking. Sew the handles on using a wax coated thread for added strength.bird11   bird12Step 8: Slipstitch the opening in the lining closed and press your finished bag!Well done! Enjoy using your gorgeous bag!tree 

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